Return to Coco Curls Programme

Return your used Coco Curls bottles to us and get discounts!

How it works

We understand the responsibility we have to reduce the impact of our manufacturing and packaging on the environment. Because of this, we accept returns of our packaging through the Return to Coco Curls program.

Please note you must have 3 bottles of any Coco Curls products in order to qualify for a recycling discount. We encourage you to also return the inner and outer boxes; however, only bottles count towards discounts. 

To recycle your packaging, fill out this form with all your old order numbers. We'll contact you once your request is received. We will then pick up your old packaging from your location. Once the pick up is complete, we'll send you a discount code via email. Use the code to place your new order.

You saved bottles from ending up in the landfill. You deserve the discount!

Rewards + discounts

For every 3 bottles returned to us, you get 15% off your next order. Please note that we accept returns of all our packaging material: primary packaging (bottles), secondary packaging (inner boxes) and tertiary packaging (outer shipping boxes). However, only our primary packaging (bottles) counts towards discount.