Are Coco Curls products CG friendly?

"Are your products CG friendly?"
We get asked this question often. What you put or use on your hair is a personal choice and no one gets to dictate that. As a brand, we do not promote, preach, or endorse the CG method. We have no affiliation with the CG method. And yes, we encourage the use of shampoo!
Having said that, we do understand that a large part of the curly community prefers to use CG friendly products. At the moment, all of our products are free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones and hence are CG friendly. However, some of our upcoming products will contain silicones and sulfates and this will clearly be mentioned in the ingredients lists.
Since many of our customers are on the CG method, we experimented with putting a "CG friendly" stamp on our CG friendly products but that has been discontinued as it causes confusion about our stance on CG.
Our products are NOT all-natural (and VERY FEW products on the market are, even those that market themselves as "natural" - we don't engage in false marketing) but we did our best to create "free-from" type of products that work really well. At the end of the day, an organic or all natural product that doesn't work on curly hair is useless.
For any clarifications on our products, make sure to read the ingredients lists carefully before you purchase. All ingredients are mentioned on our product pages. We're very transparent about what goes into each product and the purpose each ingredient serves.