How to use the Coco Wrap

The soft fabric of the Coco Wrap helps dry your curls without roughing them up or causing frizz like a terrycloth towel tends to do. 

The Coco Wrap can be used in two different methods: 

1) Towel drying 

Step 1: Wash, condition, and apply styling products  


Step 2: Place the Coco Wrap on your wet curls so that the button is at the nape of the neck. 


Step 3: Twist 

Step 4: Fasten the loop around the button at the back  


2) Plopping 

Step 1: Wash, condition, and apply styling products 

Step 2: Lay towel on a surface and place all your hair in the widest end of the towel. This will create an "accordion" or layer effect. 

Step 3: Twist the towel, making sure there is no hair in the twist. 


Step 4: Pin at the back of your head. 

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